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I'm fundraising for Glaucoma Australia

As a Glaucoma Suspect myself, I am taking part in the 7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge to help take glaucoma out of the picture. 

Can you imagine not being able to see all the wonderful things around us? 

Saving sight is such a great cause and I’m getting involved – please support my efforts so we can make a real difference together.

Glaucoma is known as the 'SNEAK THIEF OF SIGHT' so don't let it get you!!

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Well done Mara for supporting such a worthy cause!


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Well done


Mara Gullotta

As a Glaucoma suspect myself, I am personally donating to this great cause. Glaucoma is known as the 'SNEAK THIEF OF SIGHT', so don't let it get you!!


Mini The Foxy Pom

Congratulations PawMum! We are all very proud of your fundraising efforts!


Opsm And Laubman And Pank Matched Gift

Your donations have been doubled today thanks to our Silver Sponsors OPSM and Laubman and Pank.


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Fantastic pics Mara, and a great cause that needs all our support!


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Well done to a good cause


Opsm And Laubman And Pank Matched Gift

Your donations have been doubled today thanks to our Silver Sponsors OPSM and Laubman and Pank.

My Updates

The Culture Sight - Final day of World Glaucoma Week

Saturday 12th Mar
Let's 'reflect'...
Not just a touristic site, not just an attraction, but a place that is built upon the land that was known to its original custodians, the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, as Tubowgule. 
It has long been a place for storytelling , it is a place of congregation, awe and beauty. It's a place that is and continues to draw all people together, at times of celebration, and in times of worldly distress for reflection in the way of the Lighting of the Sails, Badu Gili, meaning 'water light' in the language of the traditional owners of Bennelong Point.

The Hmmm...Sight

Friday 11th Mar
Hmmm...Is it going up or is it going down?
Here I am at the base of the UTS Central double helix staircase, both practical and aesthetic. 
Connecting 4 levels and reducing reliance on lifts and escalators, its double ribbon spiral design is inspired by the natural design of a DNA helix making work life interesting, special and a sight worth not missing.

The Structure Sight

Thursday 10th Mar
For Day 5 of the #7sightsin7days Glaucoma Australia Challenge for #WorldGlaucomaWeek here is my STRUCTURE SIGHT.
If you can contribute to the cause of SAVING SIGHT then doing so now will maximise your efforts by clicking on this link.
Thank you to OPSM and Laubman & Pank Optometrists for this wonderful contribution!
The ANZAC BRIDGE, it's such a sight especially when I'm not driving, I love to look up through the sunroof and experience it's sleek minimalism and the precision of the lengthy cables as they mesmorisingly converge toward the pylons.
Built in 1993, The Glebe Island Bridge was renamed in 1998 on Remeberance Day as a Memorial to those who served. The Eastern Tower has the Australian Flag on it and the Western Tower the New Zealand Flag.

The Creative Sight

Wednesday 9th Mar
Creativity from 1974, the Coca-Cola billboard in Kings Cross, Sydney has not only remained as an advertisement since, but has also without saying remained an iconic landmark and often referred to as simply ‘The Coke Sign’.
Landmarks are an important sight, and sight is an important  asset.

The Selfie Sight

Tuesday 8th Mar
'Rain, rain go away, come again another day'.

With our current climate, both weather-wise and work-wise, here is my Selfie whilst on a Zoom meeting with my wfh colleague Mini.

As there are only dreary and dull clouds outside today with all this torrential rain, here are some happier clouds as my backdrop to  cheer us up despite the continuous rain, disasters and damage throughout Australia. 

Keeping all those in danger, distress and suffering loss in any way in my thoughts.

The Heritage Sight

Monday 7th Mar
As an Art Deco lover, I can’t imagine not ever seeing this building again, nor what is on stage. 
The State Theatre, grand and spectacular, opened in 1929. It was a creative outlet and venue for entertainment during The Great Depression, and leading up to and during the war, a venue for screenings of news-reels.
Post war, The State once again became a place where Sydneysiders came to play. Throughout the decades, it continues to host world class events, concerts and movies. 

The Scenic Sight-World Glaucoma Week Begins!

Sunday 6th Mar
As a Glaucoma suspect myself, the value of knowing this and being under ophthalmological care is SIGHT SAVING. 
Most of us know that Glaucoma is termed the 'SNEAK THIEF OF SIGHT', so don't let it get you!!
A sincere thank you for your support for World Glaucoma Week, every little bit helps to raise awareness, fund specialised support services and important research! 
Your donation will help take glaucoma out of the picture!
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