About Us

Glaucoma Australia provides sight saving education, practical and emotional support to people with glaucoma and their families and funds ground-breaking research.

We know how precious our eyesight is but sadly some people are losing their vision to glaucoma blindness and won’t be able to enjoy the amazing things we see every day.

Around 150,000 Australians have already been diagnosed with glaucoma and another 150,000 don’t even realise they have it and risk going blind. By raising awareness we help people with glaucoma get detected early and adhere to their treatment management plan to prevent irreversible sight loss.

World Glaucoma Week starts on 6 March and we are calling on our wonderful community to raise the vital funds needed to support our sight-saving work.

Together we can take glaucoma out of the picture!

The Cause

Anyone can develop glaucoma but the risk increases with age. About 1 in 10,000 babies are born with glaucoma, by age 40 about 1 in 200 have glaucoma, rising to one in 8 at age 80. Glaucoma Australia is part of a worldwide effort to end glaucoma blindness and a registered charity that was founded in 1986. Our 3 main aims are to: 

Increase awareness of glaucoma in the community and the need for regular eye examinations to prevent glaucoma blindness and save sight. 

Provide educational resources and practical & emotional support to patients and their families to improve their quality of life and prevent further vision loss.  

Fund ground-breaking research into better detection, treatment and monitoring of glaucoma that will bring hope for the future.    

Our Sight Saving Goal

This is our first fundraiser and our goal is to raise at least $300,000 to support our growing patient community and their families. The tailored education and specialised support services we provide helps them manage their glaucoma, improve their quality of life and save their precious sight. Every dollar raised will make a big difference for generations to come.

Treat Your Eyes

Our story began in 2021 with “Treat Your Eyes”, an eye health awareness initiative which highlighted the importance of getting our precious peepers checked for signs of glaucoma. We are now amplifying that sight saving message by holding our first fundraiser and calling on the community to get active and support the mission to end glaucoma blindness.

Get ready to take glaucoma blindness out of the picture

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