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Glaucoma Australia provides education and patient support services and funds ground-breaking glaucoma research.

We all know how precious our eyesight is but sadly hundreds of thousands of Australians are losing their vision to glaucoma blindness and may not be able to see the wonderful world around them.   

Did you know that 1 in 50 Australians will be diagnosed with glaucoma? Our mission is to end glaucoma blindness by increasing awareness, providing the education and support families need to stick to their treatment plans and fund the research that prevents vision loss and improves patient outcomes until a cure is found.

So get set to take the 7 Sights Challenge. Every sight you find, snap and share this March will help raise the vital funds needed to continue our sight-saving work.

Together we can take glaucoma out of the picture!

The Cause

Anyone can develop glaucoma but the risk increases with age. About 1 in 10,000 babies are born with glaucoma, by age 40 about 1 in 200 have glaucoma, rising to one in 8 at age 80. Glaucoma Australia is part of a worldwide effort to end glaucoma blindness and a registered charity that was founded in 1986. Our 3 main aims are to: 

Increase awareness of glaucoma in the community and drive regular eye examinations to detect and prevent glaucoma blindness and improve patient outcomes. 

Provide tailored education and practical & emotional support to families impacted by glaucoma to prevent further vision loss and improve their quality of life.  

Fund the ground-breaking research that increases detection, unveils new treatments and finds the techologies that improve the monitoring and progression of glaucoma.    

Our Ambassadors

Glaucoma Australia ambassadors David Koch, co-host of Network Seven’s Sunrise and founder of Pinstripe Media, and Aussie music legend Kirk Pengilly are throwing their support behind the 7 Sights Challenge.

Glaucoma Australia Ambassador and INXS star Kirk Pengilly

Diagnosed with glaucoma at just 29, Kirk says the 7 Sights Challenge is an important reminder that your sight is key in living life to its fullest. “I may not have enjoyed the career I did without pioneering surgery on my eyes,” he says. “Vision loss is largely preventable through early detection, treatment adherence and by supporting the work of our Australian researchers in the fight against this insidious disease.”

Glaucoma Australia Ambassador and Sunrise Co-Host David Koch

David "Kochie" Koch had no symptoms when he was diagnosed with glaucoma three years ago. “My diagnosis of glaucoma came completely out of the blue and was a real wake-up call about the importance of eye checks. My eyesight has never really changed – I’ve had the same strength glasses for 40 years – so I assumed there was nothing wrong with my eyes. Little did I know I had glaucoma,” David says.

Get ready to take glaucoma blindness out of the picture

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