The 7 Sights Challenge is an online fundraising event that runs throughout March. You can find, snap and share your 7 sights in any order until fundraising closes on the 31 March 2023. 

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. You can also contact us or call the event support team on 1800 500 880 if you need more information.

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What is glaucoma and how does it affect people?

Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease that causes vision loss and can lead to blindness if left untreated. People living with glaucoma need specialised education and ongoing support to minimise the impact of this insidious eye disease and improve their quality of life. The most common impacts are the loss of independence, financial stress, mental health challenges and risk of injury. You can find out more about how glaucoma could impact daily life here.

When can I sign up and start fundraising?

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You can start fundraising as soon as you register! You can personalise your dashboard and inspire others to support you by making making a self-donation. Track your progress and really ramp up your efforts over World Glaucoma Week (12-18 March) to increase awareness and boost fundraising. 

Fundraising closes at midnight on 31 March 2023 so there is plenty of time to Find, Snap and Share your 7 sights. The more money we raise together the more people we can save from glaucoma blindness. 

How do I take part in this challenge?

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You can sign up in a few moments and participate on your own, with a team of friends or family or register or your workplace. Your fundraising page will be automatically generated and a link to your dashboard will be emailed to you. 

Registration is free.

How much does it cost to register?

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Registration for the 7 Sights Challenge is FREE. Sign up here and let’s take glaucoma out of the picture.

How do I find the seven sights?

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You can find them however you choose and at your own pace. Cycle around the neighborhood, walk, run, skate or even swim to find, snap and share your visual treasures. Take an awesome pic and share it with everyone you know and don’t forget to hashtag #SevenSights when you share your photos!

Where is the challenge?

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As this is a virtual event, you can take the 7 Sights Challenge wherever you are or care to go! There are amazing sights all around us - you can explore your local neighbourhood, or discover them whilst you are on your travels.  

What are the seven sights I need to find?

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We have 7 themes (or sights) for you to discover this year. You can Find, Snap and Share these seven sights in any order up until the end of March.  

  1. Scenic Sight - Find a beautiful mountain view, breath-taking waterfall or panoramic sunset 
  2. Structures Sight - Look for an epic building, bridge, windmill or an architectural masterpiece   
  3. Selfie Sight - Stop and strike a pose but make sure there's an awesome backdrop behind you 
  4. Creative Sight  - Spot some graffiti, a cool piece of art or something expressive or brilliant 
  5. Local Sight - Reveal what your neighbourhood has to offer, a popular spot or local treasure  
  6. Quirky Sight - Discover something that's just a little different, lots of fun or very intriguing 
  7. Wildlife Sight - Spot some wonderful birds, animals or creatures lurking around outdoors 

How do I share my fundraising page?

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There are so many ways to ask for support and inspire others to give: 

  • you can log into your dashboard and send out links to your personal fundraising page to you social network from the 'get support' tab. 
  • you can email your fundraising page link or send an sms to everyone you know asking for support 
  • you can upload and share your 7 sights via social media and ask for a donation each time you complete a sight challenge  
  • you can add an email signature to your personal and work emails and add a hyperink to your fundraising page 

How do I share my sights?

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Upload your 7 sights to your gallery on fundraising dashboard and invite people to visit your page. You can also create blog posts to share all your efforts, such as your fitness activity and offline fundraisig efforts using the share buttons on each post. The hashtag #SevenSights on social media is another great way to be noticed. 

What are the badges and how do they work?

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There are 15 badges to collect and display on your dashboard. The more you light up the more chances you have to win some amazing prizes!

  1. Has a fundraising page
  2. Updated profile pic
  3. Made a self-donation
  4. Referred a friend
  5. Shared fundraising page
  6. Received first donation
  7. Received 5 donations
  8. Achieved fundraising target
  9. Snapped and uploaded Scenic Sight
  10. Snapped and uploaded Structures Sight 
  11. Snapped and uploaded Selfie Sight 
  12. Snapped and uploaded Creative Sight 
  13. Snapped and uploaded Local Sight 
  14. Snapped and uploaded Quirky Sight 
  15. Snapped and uploaded Wildlife Sight

How do the Seven Sight badges work?

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These are the steps to take to light up your Seven Sight badges on your dashboard:

  • Decide which sight you will find that day. There are 7 themes to choose from
  • Find it, Snap it and Share it with your supporters. Don’t forget to hashtag #SevenSights 
  • Login into your dashboard and upload your pictures to instantly light up your 7 badges

Remember you can complete your seven sights on any day and light up your badges in any order.

What prizes can I win?

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To reward and celebrate all your incredible efforts, we have some great prizes up for grabs. Keep an eye out for your competition reminders via email - you'll be automatically entered into all the draws you qualify for!

  • Everyone who registers goes in the draw to win a pair of Apple Air Pod Pro's valued at $399 
  • Make a self donation to go in the draw to win a $200 Visa Debit Card 
  • Raise $24 in 24 hours (2 March only) and go in the draw to win a $200 Visa Debit Card
  • Raise $48 in 48 hours (22-24 March only) and go in the draw to win a $300 Experience Voucher 
  • Get a donation on the last fundraising day (31 March) and go in the draw to win a $200 Visa Debit Card 
  • The first 400 participants to register and join a University Team as a team captain or member receive a Designs for Vision PD ruler valued at $5 
  • The University team that raises the most funds will win a Designs for Vision iCare HOME2 Self-Tonometer valued at $3600    

Where does the money go?

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1 in 50 Australians will be diagnosed with glaucoma. Every dollar you raise will improve the lives of families impacted by this chronic eye disease and prevent further vision loss.  

  • $35 will go towards raising awareness initiatives to detect Australians at risk of glaucoma
  • $59 will provide 2 recently diagnosed people with the education they need to manage their glaucoma and prevent vision loss 
  • $90 will fund our free support line 1800 500 800 for 1 day, providing emotional and practical support to people in need 
  • $200 will go towards sight-saving research, including improvements in treatments and technology


How do I make a self donation? 

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There are 2 ways to make a self donation. 

1. You will be asked if you would like to make a self donation during the registration process. This gets your fundraising started and inspires others to give too.

2. You can also make a self donation by logging into your dashboard. Go to the 'my donations' tab and click on the 'add offline donation' button. 

If I am a part of a team, do I also need to upload the photos we take to my fundraising page?

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Yes, each team member has their own fundraising page and uploads their 7 sights to their own dashboard. This allows you to share your individual efforts with your personal network and be eligible for entries into the various competitions and prize draws. Team members photos do not appear on the team page.

What are some ways I can fundraise?

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There are so many ways to fundraise and you can really get creative with your efforts.

  • Lead by example and start by making a self donation - it's the perfect way to kickstart fundraising
  • Share your fundraising link on email, SMS and social media 
  • Head to our resources page and download and share our social media tiles and posters. There is even a pre-written letter asking your boss to dollar match your efforts 
  • Fundraise offline and add funds to your fundraising page under the 'my donations' tab. You can host a morning tea, post challenge BBQ celebration, collect donations at work or host a trivia night

You can deposit the funds into your bank account and then transfer them to your fundraiser by clicking the 'add offline donations' button. They will instantly appear on your dashboard.   

How do I track my physical activity on my fitness app? 

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You can automatically track the kilometres (kms) you travelled to find your 7 Sights by linking your FitBit or Strava fitness app. First go to the 'My Fitness Activity' tab on your dashboard to track, record and display your distance (kms) on your dashboard - it's a great way to keep your supporters updated and another reason to share your page and encourage donations.

To track your kms automatically following these steps: 

1. Download Fitbit (http://www.fitbit.com/au/setup) or Strava (http://strava.com/mobile

2. Log into your 7 Sights fundraising page 

3. Under the heading 'Connect your preferred fitness app', click your chosen app

4. Follow the prompts to connect your app. Once you end your workout, save your workout, and your distance will be published on your dashboard the following day 

Can I track and add my physical activity manually? 

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Yes! You can manually add your exercise to the tally in the 'My Fitness Activity' tab when you are logged into your dashboard. This is a great option if you are using a pedometre or a different method of tracking your distances.

Follow these steps to manually add your fitness activity: 

1. Login to your fundraising page and select 'My Fitness Activity' 

2. Under 'Add Activity', enter the required fields (ie kilometres). 

3. The logged activity will now appear on your fundraising page and be visible to your supporters. 

Is there an online community I can join? 

We would love to welcome you to our Facebook 7 Sight Challengers Group. Join our community to inspire and motivate each other, swap fundraising tips, share your stories and of course your incredibe sights. You will be prompted when you first log into your dashboard or you can click here to become a member.  

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