Flinders University PhD Researchers

Seven Sights 2022

We're fundraising for Glaucoma Australia

We are a team of student researchers at Flinders University undertaking our PhDs in all areas of glaucoma. This what we're up to: 

Ella: The effect of exercise on glaucoma progression. 

Sean: The effect of ageing and genetics on glaucoma progression. 

Georgie: The efficacy and acceptability of polygenic risk testing for glaucoma. 

Lachie: The genetics of childhood glaucoma and its impact of on quality of life. 

Jose and Ryan: The use of artificial intelligence to help diagnose glaucoma and ensure equitable implementation of the technology in vulnerable populations; and  

Henry: The impact of the cardiovascular system (the heart) on glaucoma progression. 

We are dedicated to ending glaucoma blindness and want to help those already diagnosed so we're joining in on the 7 Sights in 7 Days Challenge – please support our efforts so we can make a real difference together.

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Lachlan Knight